You’ve received a wedding invitation in the mail, only to realize that the wedding is in the morning or very early afternoon and now you’re totally stumped on what you’re going to wear.

Wearing a long dress to a wedding was once seen as a wedding etiquette no-no. Wedding guests were only supposed to wear short dresses (knee-length to mid-thigh) to daytime weddings so as not to overshadow the bride. However, with most bridal parties throwing out the wedding etiquette book, it only makes sense that the guests should start to as well.

When maxi dresses started becoming a fashion staple, it was only a matter of time before we started seeing them on wedding guests. First, traditional evening weddings started seeing guests showing up in maxi dresses, and now we regularly see maxi dresses on daytime, afternoon, evening weddings, and everything in between.

If you’re still feeling apprehensive about donning your maxi dress for your next wedding, we have a couple tips and general guidelines for you to follow to help you feel more comfortable.

Keep it simple

Keep your accessories unpretentious if you’re going to be sporting a maxi dress in the morning. Delicate earrings and a fine necklace should be all you need, since your dress will take center stage.

Go light

For an early afternoon or morning wedding on a hot day, choose a dress made of a lighter material that uses draping to create volume. This will encourage movement and airflow and keep you cool while still looking great.

Choose your colors wisely

Fresh, lively colors that remind you of spring growth and summer flowers are perfect for these types of weddings. Floral patterns are also another great way to bring in a pop of color while keeping it light. We love dresses that use a bold print on a white background, like BuddyLove’s Gin and Tonic Evergreen maxi dress.