Best Maxi Dress for a Day at the Beach: the Panama Tropicana Dress

Soak up every minute in the sun with this white strapless maxi dress, which features a bright tropical bouquet pattern that is perfect for your exotic getaway. Its light color and flowy fit will help you keep your cool while showing off your classy fashion sense. You can even throw it on over a swimsuit for that designer cover-up feel.

Made of 100% rayon, this floral maxi dress for summer is thinner than cotton, making it perfect for a day or night on the beach. The lightweight material drapes loosely around the frame so you can catch the refreshing ocean breeze.

This Palm Beach Tote provides an even more festive look, along with your wide-brimmed hat. Transform your Panama maxi dress into nightwear with these beaded Cha Cha Earrings.

Best Maxi Dress for Running Errands Around Town: the Kade Maxi Dress

The best maxi dress for everyday wear, this tie dyed piece fits comfortably and epitomizes a trend-forward fashion sense. Adjustable straps offer a solid fit for tooling around town, and the extra fabric at the bottom can be knotted for a fuss-free walk. The bottom flare can also add a sophisticated element to the dress that, paired with stylish sandals or casual heels, will take your effortlessly chic look to the next level.

Accessorize this oh-so-2018 maxi dress with a pair of oversized blue Foxy Sunnies for a look that shouts “fun.” 

Best Maxi Dress for Date Night: the Riviera Hot Tropic

Want to leave your date completely spellbound? This maxi dress with adjustable straps should do the trick. Your flirting game will be strong with this plunging neckline, slit leg and playful ruffled strap.

Set on a dramatic black background, the bright floral pattern will reveal your softer side – and fill his head with dreams of the beach. Maxi dresses for summer are the way to go this year when your mind is set on romance.

Pair with wedges, statement earrings and a wrist full of bracelets for a look that is sure to get you to date #2. To add a little sparkle to your look, go for this Rebel Black Necklace.

Best Maxi Dress for you to Meet the Parents: Carmel Orchid

Make his mama proud with the girl-next-door casual maxi dress designed for the color-obsessed wearer. This strapless design exudes sweet femininity, while the flowing silhouette offers up an innocent, elegant look. Wear it with nude sandals, or opt for strappy wedges to transform it into a maxi dress you can wear to weddings.

This simple Cher Ivory Choker will dial up the trendiness factor and make any and all of your maxi dresses the gotta-have style for the season.