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Tips to transition your fall/summer wardrobe to holiday!

The month of November has started and it’s time for the holidays! But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time to pack up all of your bright and colorful summer clothing. Here at BuddyLove we want to share with you our favorite tips and tricks to help you winterize your summer wardrobe! Our First tip is our Favorite!

BuddyLove Tip #1 – Bold Blazers and Jackets

Top: BuddyLove – Tamara Tank; Blazer: BuddyLove – Kim in White;
Leggings: Mono B

Add a Blazer to any of your summer dresses and blouses. Pair a cute dress with tights, a scarf, and a blazer for a classy look that can go from day to night. For summer tops take your favorite pair of skinny jeans and pair with a bold blazer for a business casual look. Wear these combos with your favorite pair of knee high boots or ankle booties.

Top: BuddyLove – JoAnna; Pants: Mono B; Jacket: Hot & Delicious

 Structured jackets can add some weight to the bright floral prints of your summer wardrobe. A great structured jacket can turn any winter outfit into something great!

BuddyLove Tip #2 – When in doubt…Add layers!

Dress: BuddyLove – Dylan; Cardigan – Staccato

Layering is one of the best options when putting together a winter outfit. Pair your favorite BuddyLove dress with a cute cardigan and belt it around the waist. Layering also helps take an outfit from outdoors to indoors in no time.

BuddyLove Tip # 3 – The Bold and The Neutral!

Top: BuddyLove – Tamara Tank; Cardigan: Hot & Delicious

Pair your bright and bold prints with neutrals. There’s nothing wrong with mixing prints as long as the prints have a color in common. Bright bold colors look great against a black and white Fair Isle print cardigan like pictured above!


Buddy Love Tip #4 Be Bold, Be Beautiful and …..add FUR!

Dress: BuddyLove – Bethenny; Vest: Hot & Delicious

Nothing says luxurious than adding a faux fur vest to your favorite BuddyLove Dress. Pair with knee high boots and a long chain necklace. This look will be hit during the holidays!

BuddyLove Tip #4 – When in doubt…add a scarf!

Nothing says winter like adding a scarf to your outfit. There are many ways to wear a scarf, which is why it’s one of the more versatile accessories for winter! Scarfs can add a pop of color or texture to any outfit. Plus they keep you warm!

Use these tips and tricks for the upcoming holiday season! Try them out at a holiday party, family get together or while enjoying a sleigh ride! Show us how you winterize you fall/summer wardrobe! 

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Happy Holidays!

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