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There is nothing more exciting than sharing the successes of your friends and family.

Caroline Corbell wearing BuddyLove Yolanda Skully Kimono
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Especially when that friend has supported your brands from the beginning!  Don’t think we haven’t noticed all the amazing BuddyLove and Izzy & Lola pieces you have worn in your instagram posts over the years! You are officially one of our favorite BuddyLove Babes of All Time! 

With that said, we are so excited to share the below article written on Caroline Corbell’s fashion inspirations, and style, and we are honored and humbled to be mentioned and cast in the same light as Rachel Zoe, Mara Hoffman and other fashion icons! 

If you didn’t know, Caroline married her biggest fashion influence earlier this year, Jasper Corbell, and we are so very happy for you both. We can’t wait to watch and share in your successes over the years as a family, business partners, and fashion influencers. 

Below is the link to her interview and her answers to some of fashions biggest questions are fantastic, enjoy! 

Caroline Corbell’s – Closet Confidential 

p.s. Jasper, don’t think for a minute we forgot about you…your feature is next, as you are one of our favorite BuddyLove Babes too!  

Caroline is wearing BuddyLove Clothing Labels ‘Yolanda’ Skully Kimono, CA Jewels Earrings and Necklace, Jasper Corbell Clothing ‘Tacos & Tequila’ shirt. And she looks FABULOUS. 

If you want more of Caroline follow her instagram @carolinehcorbell


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