BuddyLove Clothing Label is a women’s contemporary clothing line based out of Dallas, TX and BuddyLove is more than a label, it’s a lifestyle.

We have incorporated our southern style, love of fashion, and industry knowledge to come up with an amazing collection that is fresh, new, and on trend every season. Our collections are made up of Bold prints, Beautiful colors and great Body styles with a flawless fit, making our label a must have in your boutique every season.

Why BuddyLove…

We set out to design a collection that encompasses the personality of our buyers, our team and all of the #BuddyLovers that have come to know and love our brand. You will find our designs on game day, at the beach, out on the town, and ALWAYS worn by women with a passion for life!

“Love the life you live, live the life you Love” – Bob Marley

Why will you LOVE our clothes…. Because we love our clothes. We really, really LOVE our clothes!

We set out to design an amazing collection of clothing we could fall in love with and wear…and TRUST US…we wear our clothing A LOT!

This label is our passion, it’s what drives us to be creative, and explore designs that will reflect our personalities in each piece of clothing that we create. We hope you will share your stories with us, your favorite memories in BuddyLove, and we in return will share our stories with you!  Our social media profiles are REAL. With real people, real #BuddyLovers, and so much of this is what makes our clothing the essence of contemporary fashion and a lifestyle brand.

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